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Change your View with Protective Window Films for Home & Business

Residential Window Film

Bright and airy spaces in your home are much-desired, but they also invite in sunlight that causes hot spots and fading and damage to your furnishings. Windows are one of the most vulnerable points of your living space. Home window tint films protect it all.

Commercial Window Film

Let energizing light into your building, thwart break-ins and vandalism, and increase tenant comfort with window films. They provide a good return on investment and add energy savings and safety to your commercial property.

Decorative Window Film

Window films evoking the style of cut or textured glass add aesthetic value and create exciting effects in your interior design for a fraction of the cost of custom windows. Experience the beauty of Fasara™ glass finishes.

Safety & Security

Shield yourself from unwelcome events like hurricanes, vandalism, and more with specialized window films. They minimize flying glass, deter crimes, and make graffiti easy to remove.

Sun Control

Classic reflective window films reject heat and enhance daytime privacy, making a big impact on energy savings and glare rejection, especially in commercial buildings with a significant number of exterior windows.

3M™ Window Tint Products

Rigorously tested and proven to block 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, 3M™ window films are both revolutionary and remarkable. Because of the quality of these materials, Energy Solutions is proud to be a 3M™ authorized dealer.

Professional Installation

High-quality 3M™ window films require professional application from thoroughly-trained and experienced installers. When Energy Solutions applies window tint to your commercial or residential windows, our work is backed by our own guarantee, and by a 3M™ product warranty.

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Change Your View with Energy Solutions

Professionally-applied residential or commercial window tint delivers results. When your project calls for window film for energy efficiency, safety, or style, Energy Solutions in New Jersey will manage the installation from start to finish, meeting your timelines and budget constraints. After completion, when you look out the window, you’ll see just how powerful 3M™ tint can be.

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