Residential Window Tinting Installed in NJ, NY, and PA

Save Money and Feel More Comfortable at Home with Professional-Grade Window Tint Film

Save up to $465 per year on heating and cooling bills with residential window tint film from Energy Solutions!

With lower utility bills and better temperature control, residential window film is a money-saving upgrade that also can help your older windows last longer with improved performance. Your mess-free, hassle-free residential window tinting installation can be completed in as little as one day.

Reap the Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Energy Solutions can solve your household concerns with residential window tinting installation and a broad spectrum of quality residential 3M window film with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Well-lit spaces
    • Window tinting doesn’t darken your rooms.
  • Protection for home furnishings
    • No more fading or damage from the sun.
  • Reduced risk of skin cancer
    • Window film blocks harmful UV rays.
  •  Improved insulation
    • Reduce drafts and save money by keeping your current windows.
  • Even, comfortable temperatures
    • Enjoy fewer hot spots around your home in the summer.
  • Lower energy bills
    • Your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard to manage interior temperatures.
  • Protection from break-ins
    • An additional barrier deters crimes of opportunity.

Our Home Window Tint Film Options

Prestige Solar Window Film

Superior Prestige Series window film combines lower reflectivity than glass while still allowing between 40 and 70 percent of natural light into your home without changing your home’s appearance.

The Prestige Series uses non-metallized, multi-layer optical film and nano-technology to block 97 percent of infrared light from the sun and up to 60 percent of the heat that enters your home through your windows. These films also reject up to 99.9 percent of damaging UV rays and are designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

Night Vision Solar Window Film

3M Night Vision window film blocks the sun’s UV rays during the day, reduces glare, and rejects up to 71 percent of the sun’s heat.

These darker-shaded films reject solar heat from visible light, while improving your vision outdoors at night thanks to lower interior reflectivity.

Ceramic Solar Window Film

3M Ceramic Solar residential window film rejects up to 80% of the sun’s infrared light and 59% of the heat entering through your windows. A natural tone provides amazing clarity and extends the life of your home furnishings, while allowing 30 to 50% of the natural light outside into your home. Ceramic Solar Window Film may be used toward certain LEED credits.

Residential Window Tinting FAQ

These are a few of the most common questions our professional window tint installers receive. If you have any others, give us a call at (732)-724-1649.

Where do you install residential window tinting?

Energy Solutions installs residential window tinting near you, if you live in the tri-state area, including New Jersey, the New York City area, and southeastern Pennsylvania. Call us to determine whether you’re in our service area.

Will residential window tint affect my home's curb appeal?

Most residential window films are undetectable from the curb. Those that are visible tend to enhance your home’s appearance, such as our Fasura Decorative Window Film.

Visit our showroom in East Brunswick, New Jersey, to see samples of each residential window film.

How quickly can you install residential window tint film?

Depending on the number of windows in your home, Energy Solutions usually can complete installation in as little as one day. When you request a quote for residential window tint, our expert technicians can provide you with a specific timeframe for installation based on the scope of your project.

Does weather affect my residential window tint film installation timeline?

Residential window film is applied to the inside of your windows, so we can install it in any type of weather. Installation is a mess-free process that doesn’t interfere with your household like window installation or other home improvements do.

Will 3M™ window films completely stop my furniture from fading?

Your furniture fades for a number of reasons. About 40% of the reason is ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun; 25% is from visible light; and another 25%is from heat. The remaining 10% can be attributed to humidity, pollutants, interior light, dye stability, and other factors.

Because there are so many causes of furniture fading, our 3M window films will only reduce the major causes of fading – UV light, visible light, and solar heat – to prolong the life of your furnishings by as much as two to five times their lifespans.

Can residential window tinting make it feel warmer inside my house?

Your windows could retain more heat in the winter with an insulating window film applied over them. These insulated window films can significantly reduce your heating costs in winter. Our clients have reported savings of more than $450 per year on utility bills after window film installation.

How do I clean windows with residential window tint film on them?

3M window films are quite durable, but you should still take care to clean them properly.

About 30 days after installation, you can clean your window film using normal household cleaning solutions, including ammonia-based products like Windex. You also can use a squeegee to clean the films.

Avoid any abrasive products that may scratch or damage the film; this will void the limited lifetime warranty on both the film and installation. Questions about cleaning? Give us a call!