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For Secure, Beautiful, and Protective Windows, Choose 3M™ Window Film from Energy Solutions in New Jersey

As an authorized dealer of 3M™ window film products, Energy Solutions installs only the very best available materials in your home and business.

We believe window film should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and never obstruct your view of the world.

When you purchase window film with professional installation, we’ll help you choose the best type for your needs – and there are many options available for a range of budgets and goals.

Why Install Window Film?

3M™ window film installed by the professionals at Energy Solutions results in many benefits:

  • Lowering energy bills by blocking exterior heat and reducing “hot spots”
  • Protecting windows from shattering during break-ins, hazardous weather, or accidents
  • Adding a decorative touch to windows in bathrooms, entryways, private conference rooms, and more
  • Blocking 99 percent of cancer-causing UV rays from the sun

Commercial Window Film vs. Residential Window Film

The biggest difference between residential and commercial film is simply where it’s installed – a home or a business, for example. In fact, owners of either type of building will see quite a few benefits to installing 3M™ window film.

Certain types of window film products offer varying features, some that are more common in a residential setting than commercial, and vice versa. Your ultimate goals for your windows will dictate the type of film we professionally install for you.

Specialty Window Film

Aside from commercial or home window tint designed to darken windows and block the sun, other specialty window film functions in ways you might never have expected.

Decorative Window Film

Creates stylish windows by mimicking the pattern or texture of cut glass, stained glass, and more, to complement your interior design and obstruct views from outside.

Safety and Security Window Film

Protects against inclement weather, vandals, and unwelcome guests, while minimizing flying glass and rendering graffiti utterly washable; ideal for both home and office.

Insulated Window Film

Reduces the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home or business and improves overall building insulation.

These window film products are ideal for both residential and commercial applications, but some film is designed to specifically benefit one or the other. See the difference at Energy Solutions.

Professional Window Tinting Warranty

3M™ offers a lifetime warranty on their residential and commercial window film, while Energy Solutions offers a lifetime warranty on installation. These quality guarantees make our window tint services an easy choice.

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In the northeast region of the US, window film provides important benefits that include energy efficiency, safety and security, UV protection, and enhanced aesthetics, both indoors and outdoors, in all types of weather.